About Us

Soil is alive and filled with massive potential. Nature can be immensely generous and she has been for millions of years. Using technology from decades of research from Dr Elaine Ingham, we can help you correct your soil biology, so that nature can manage your harvests profitably.

This is the default position of soil: Highly productive. 

We have destroyed this System with incorrect methods. It can easily be fixed.

Our main focus is to get your operation as profitable as possible with a two pronged approach:

   1) Decrease costs substantially,

   2) Increase soil health and therefore production 

on a sustainable basis.


 (Elaine Ingham)  Laboratory facilities.

Anton Kock

Anton grew up on a dairy farm, studied at University of Pretoria, spent many years in the corporate world and commercial farming. As a farmer himself, he understands many of the challenges facing a primary food/crop producer.

"We farm, because it is in our blood. 

We are profitable when we understand our soil"

Every single farming product springs from the soil. Excellent soil work for us and really makes life a pleasure. 

what we do
We use the latest technology and best practices from Dr Elaine Ingham to analyse your soil and form as complete a picture of the current biology in your soil. We quantify the biomass and identify various microorganisms in your soil. This data we use to establish what is lacking and formulate a strategy, how best to remedy the shortcomings in the most economical, long-term sustainable solution. We re-establish the functional Nutrient Cycle, essential for soil to sustain and produce crops. We have done our job, when your soil productivity is near or at optimal levels. These levels will amaze you.And decrease your input costs dramatically.
why we do

All growers, are people of the soil. We love the soil.

We are the custodians of the future of this planet.

But we have to survive.
We have to make profit.

Sustainability rests on the principle that we must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

how we do

We use the insightful research of Dr Elaine Ingham, to kickstart the natural Nutrient Cycle of your soil.


Consider any old-growth forest. The growth in these systems are incredibly productive and yet, no-one adds any fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides or pesticides....

ALL soil has the capability to produce on that scale. Even your lands. 

It is critical to understand that some of our current practises and ways of doing things, are harming our pocket. It is DEFINITELY possible to produce more with less. Much more.


Everything we produce needs sunlight, water and nutrients. We control the water and nutrients.

Soil Water and Soil Nutrients aggregate when the soil structure is there for these essentials to exist and multiply. 

One of the most important creators of soil structure, is Fungi. Without it we have no structure. 

   See how important soil structure is for water retention.....

Tilling/Ploughing destroys this structure/aggregation capacity. 

When we have worked for decades to destroy something, we usually are succesful. 

A destroyed soil, becomes lifeless, it becomes dirt. So we have to keep adding nutrients. This costs money.


If we can kickstart that Nutrient Cycle again, Nature works for us. That is cheap.


Along the Trophic growth curve, we have a direct correlation between plant productivity and the F:B ration. Fungi vs Bacterial ratio.


This is a CRITICAL concept. 

On exposed, dead dirt there are none or insignificant Fungal growth. A ratio of 0.01.

In Old-growth forests we have productive ratios of F:B >10. 

The most productive cash crop fields, lie around a 1:1 ratio with a range of 135-1350 ug/gram of soil.

This is where you start shaking your head in disbelief at the results.

We calibrate your soil back to these levels. 


This does take effort but it is easily done. The best of this process is, when you protect these soils then, Nature takes over and runs this system like a Boss, year in and year out.

She now works for you.

Your yields go up. Dramatically.

Your costs go down. Dramatically.

You have fun again.